European Action Day - Safer Internet Day, 11 February 2014

European Action Day - Safer Internet Day, 11 February 2014

The No Hate Speech Movement is organising a European Action Day on the occasion of the Safer Internet Day on 11 February 2014.

The aim of this day is to make the Internet a safer space for expression and to support young people to contribute to the governance of the Internet. This European Action Day aims at raising awareness about the responsibility of users regarding the way they're using the Internet and how they can contribute to make the online space safer. The role of education is essential to support young people to use the Internet safely and to make them aware of the risk of hate speech.

For this, the Safer Internet Day Slogan of 2014 is: "Let's create a better Internet together" . A better Internet means a place where human rights apply and hate speech has no place, where young people can feel free and safe to express their opinions and speak their mind, just as they would in the offline world.

More information here:

Visit the Campaign platform for more information on 11 February 2014!

We invite you to visit as well the Wild Web Woods website, that will show you an online game for children to teach them about basic Internet safety.

Take action!

ACTION 1: Run an exercise with a group of young people or students from one of the popular educational manuals of the Council of Europe: CompassCompasito or the recently published Bookmarks. The No Hate Speech Movement selected a few exercises that are recommended to learn about the safe use of Internet. Give us feedback on this Forum or on our Facebook Page about how it went with the group!

ACTION 2: Report any hate speech case that endangers the safety of young people online to the Hate Speech Watch. Online activists will select 3 reports and they will organise online actions in relation to these hate speech contents on the 11th February. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter #nohatespeech  if you want to support these actions

ACTION 3: Create your No Hate Speech Card with your photo on which you hold a paper saying" I make the Internet better by..." and add your contribution. You can also create your own meme. Share them on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Or share it in a comment on our Facebook page.

ACTION 4: Write an article about Safer Internet and Hate Speech and it will be posted on the No Hate Speech BLOG so many others can read it. And follow the articles written by others on the same Blog. You can read about personal expereience, about educational tools, actions and many other related articles.

ACTION 5: Follow and Answer the questions of the Movement on the Facebook page and on Twitter #nohatespeech or #betternet. All the answers will be collected and presented to the Council of Europe in order to support policy debates and further measure.